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Few choose to be heroes. Who chooses to be a weapon?

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A Better World [Hellboy AU]


Aligning themselves with SHIELD, the very organization that they had all been taught was the supreme enemy, was a risky move at best. Natalia had her reservations, but ‘James’ had made a persuasive argument, and Hellboy he was simply excited to be part of a super-spy agency that he thought wasn’t run by complete asswipes. She was outvoted, and so here they all sat, ready to sign away their ‘loyalty’  for SHIELD’s ‘protection’.

Hellboy had taken an immediately liking to the man who would be assigned to ‘handle’ them. Unlike most, he didn’t look at Red like he was some monster; he spoke to the him with a level of respect HB had never gotten from anyone save his parents. Alexander Pierce had even called Hellboy the ‘most valuable member’ of the family. Not the Winter Soldier, not the Black Widow, but Hellboy. The freak was the person Pierce was most happy about working with. 

It was just the boost in confidence someone like Hellboy wanted so badly, and while Natalia was happy to see someone give her son a chance, she was leery. 

<”You let you happiness cloud your vision.”> She scolded him when Pierce left to get the final paperwork. <”This man is the same as the others, he is simply working for a different ideal.”> She muttered softly, sure that the room was bugged. 

"Ma, c’mon!" Red protested at full volume, the childish smile he’d worn for the last hour faltering. "Ya heard what he said. We paid our dues back in Russia, we did our time in that hellhole the Red Room, and now we’re gettin’ a chance to be the good guys and he thinks that’s important. He thinks I’m  important!” 

Natalia rolled her eyes, her tone still softer than Hellboy’s. “Pierce is saying whatever he believes we want to hear, Hellboy. This is not a friendship we are forming, it is an alliance. Nothing more.” She glanced over to James,  wondering what he was thinking. She’d made it clean she didn’t, and wouldn’t, trust Pierce, but how did James feel about the entire situation? Hopefully he’d understand her apprehension, even if it did burst Hellboy’s bubble.

The Soldier (he still had trouble thinking of himself as James) sat in silence, watching the two argue. It wasn’t unheard of, SHIELD recruiting those who defected from their enemies…but who given who they were, he was mildly surprised that they weren’t thrown imprisoned for their troubles. Not the best life, but better than where they were coming from. At least there, their little ‘family’ would be safe.

The longer they had been away from Red Room, the more time he spent with Natalia, his own independent thoughts…opinions…they were poignant, and took a bit of processing, if not consideration. There was a reason he usually relented to Natalia when it came to decision making, and his trust in her judgement was only part of the reasoning. His emotions were overwhelming, he felt himself thinking with those most of the time rather than his brain. Or even his gut.

In this instance, though? When it came to such matters…of course he’d scrutinize anyone with interest in Hellboy. That was to be expected. There was really no way for him to escape his fate, was there? SHIELD would use him as a weapon for their agenda. The best defense was a strong offense. For the moment, Pierce seemed unaware of the Hand’s power, though. The key. 

The longer they stayed in the agency’s ‘employ’ however, the more questions they would have. Tapping on the table with his metal knuckles, he broke his silence. <”He’s not wrong in seeing your potential. He may be an ally, but he is not a friend. He’s too charismatic. I don’t trust him. I don’t trust any of them, but… for the moment, they’re better than company than those with Department X. Until your well being is jeopardized, we follow their procedure. >

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doyoufeelbucky understands who Bucky is as a person better than Ed Brubaker and Sebastian Stan combined! OK, maybe not that much, but the careful thought and effort the mun puts into writing Bucky makes me think Marvel should get him on the payroll ASAP.

Well then. Don&#8217;t log on this account for some months, and then I see this lie in my tag. Huh.
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//Testing, testing…this thing on?

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//I know I haven’t been very active on this blog as of late…

But I’d just like to take the time to say…don’t be a fucking dick.

Why bother sending people hate? Why not just unfollow if you don’t like them? Don’t be a douche. It’s more than likely going to be deleted, so why bother? It’s more of a bother than anything else.

If you get pleasure out of tearing other people down…then you’re an asshole. Go fuck yourself.

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New Beginning || Hellboy AU


Yeah, you try nappin’ during a bumpy ride in the cargo hold in a wooden box meant for a cow and see how you like it. Really, did they even wash the damn crate before he got in there? It smelled!

Natalia couldn’t see how Hellboy was doing, but she hoped he’d handle the trip fine. The only person she could focus her attention on was James. Every times she said or thought that name she liked it a bit more. She reached down, curling her fingers over his. “It will be alright.” She squeezed James’ hand tightly, smiling as she looked past him out the window. “Once we are out of Russia, we will be able to hide. Or we will make friends and…” She sighed, looking up at him with a tired smile. “It will be alright.” She insisted, almost desperately. 

They’d make it up to Hellboy once they reached America. The smell was worth his safety, no? The discomfort he felt hidden in the crate would be nothing compared to what would happen if Department X intercepted them. James listened to Natalia’s assurances, but he didn’t let them sway him. She still held on to a semblance of hope. Faith. Maybe their late friend hat gotten to her. He on the other couldn’t afford to relax right now. They couldn’t afford to relax once they got of the country. They had relaxed upon arriving at the church, and how did that turn out? ‘Make friends’…they couldn’t afford to trust anyone, not now. Without a reply, James stroked her knuckles with his thumb. They had no way of knowing if it would be alright, all they could do was try their best. Who knew if that would be good enough?

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May the Fourth || doyoufeelbucky


Considering George Lucas was an old white man. Even if he wasn’t directing the new ones…

Mutt was a punk, and not in the cool Han Solo way. Not to mention Cate Blanchett’s shitty Russian. No wonder idiots always asked people from Russia to say ‘moose and squirrel’ if they thought Russians sounded like THAT!

It wasn’t the same! It would be like putting the Christmas decorations up in July and singing lewd Christmas carols; something would just be missing and make the whole thing not as magical, damn it!

"Some people never see you do anything badass. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen." If he wanted to go, they would go. Of course Natasha had seen James be plenty badass but other people in the room? that would never happen. Their daughter didn’t need to know about their jobs. “Put a dollar in the jar for saying A-S-S.” Tasha saying it didn’t count; she was repeating him. Lord help them if Rebecca’s first word was ‘badass’.

"I am not, she just loves her daddy so very much.” Alright fine, it was a ploy. Can you blame her? James had a weakness for cute girls, after all. Tasha turned back to the TV, watching the Jawas do their Jawa-y things. Creepy little Jawas. Their eyes always freaked Natasha out, so she covered Rebecca’s eyes just in case, which of course was more upsetting that the actual movie itself was.

He didn’t want to crush Natasha’s anticipation, or feed her fears… but he had his own doubts about the upcoming film. Just because Lucas was stepping back didn’t mean it would be good. He had stepped away with the Holiday Special after all, and look how that turned out. As far as Indy went…Raiders and Last Crusade were the only ones he really cared for. Not only were the stories superior to the even numbered pictures but…

He’d never get tired of seeing Nazis getting their asses kicked. It just wasn’t possible. Perking up, James covered Rebecca’s ears, a wry smirk creeping it’s way onto his face. “You just said it too. You owe a buck too, or we just call it even.” If their daughter’s first word was indeed a swear…well, they could always backtrack and say she did say dada. Feed her gassy foods before company came over…no, no. That wouldn’t be worth it.

Darn right she does.” Turning his attention back to the movie, the Jawas honestly reminded him of the Starks. Annoying little people with shifty eyes and a hard on for technology. He was more worried about how Rebecca would react to the sand people. All the weird aliens in the cantina. Jabba. The rancor..the sarlaac. God damn, why was all the scary shit on Tatooine?

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